Christmas will be here in a short time, a lot of people are frantically searching for the most popular item of the year! Whether it's the latest video game, electronic equipment, plush doll, talking toy, board game or what not, we're desperately looking to get our hands on the hottest toy this Christmas! Once we get our hands on these things we know it'll bring joy to someone, if not ourselves!

It seems one of the hottest items on everyone's list this Christmas is the NES Classic Mini from Nintendo. These little gaming consoles are among the hardest things to find to purchase, wrap and place under the tree! Interestingly, Ebates has created a chart (infographic) and broken down the most popular toys of the last three decades!

After looking at this graphic, I remember the very first item listed! In 1983 the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls were the hottest thing and being a kid of the '80's, I remember people clamoring all over each other just to get one of these dolls! My mother has two still in their original boxes unopened and complete with their birth certificates! I remember having to have the Nintendo in 1988, but it wasn't until after Christmas that we got it because they were in such demand! Looking over the list I can remember just about each and every one of these items being the must have item for Christmas!

This kind of thing will continue each and every year, there will always be the one, must have thing that has to be under the Christmas tree each year. If for some reason you can't obtain the one must have thing, remember, retailers will eventually restock their shelves and it'll probably be less expensive when they do!

Thanks to Ebates, here are the hottest must have Christmas toys from the past 33 years!