Well, here we are my friends. The most wonderful time of the year. I'm not talking about colorful lights or presents or carols, I am talking about the McRib. The only reason I visit McDonald's outside of breakfast (we'll get to that in a minute). The McRib is awesome and any other opinion is wrong.

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The Glorious Return of the McRib

It's the most wonderful time of the year, McRib season. The return of that glorious piece of fake pork dipped in BBQ sauce that's oh so delicious.

So once a year, McDonald's bring back a sandwich. It's a sandwich that is in no way healthy nor will it compete with any BBQ joint in Texas. It is a fake piece of pork dipped in BBQ sauce, with pickles and onions, on a long bun. It is so good. It is called the McRib.

Here's my thing about McDonald's, I love McDonald's breakfast. The sausage, egg and cheese McMuffin or sausage biscuit are my favorites. The oblong hash brown is so good, especially if you break it in half and add it to your sausage biscuit. But outside of breakfast, I am not a McDonald's fan. I do like their fries, though.

I hate that the McRib is only available for a month. As much as I want the tangy goodness to be available year round, I would probably burn myself out on it. So I'll just enjoy it every Fall.

Plus, there is the bonus of when you're finished, you can dip your fries in the BBQ sauce that dripped off. So great.

To those shaking your head and telling me I'm crazy, you're wrong, except for the crazy part, I am, a little, or maybe a lot, I haven't been tested. Happy McRib season, friends.

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