I can't wait for this election to be done. I was tired of this damn election six months ago. Who the president of the United States is not that big of a deal people. So please stop with your stupid parades and yelling at me about which party is more respectful. Politics is the worse thing to argue over, is the biggest waste of time and frankly those people in Washington D.C. don't give two s#!+s about any of us even if we did vote for them. So just stop with your political screaming because it means nothing to me.

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What does mean something to me is the McRib. Every Fall, I can look forward to going to McDonalds for something other than breakfast. I will gladly purchase a combo of that slab of fake pork with extra pickles and onions and enjoy every bite. When it's all done, I'll take the leftover fries and scoop up the remaining BBQ sauce from the side of the box.

So good.

Yeah, it's probably the most unhealthy thing I can eat but I do not care. If McDonalds offers a buy one get one for a $1 deal like last year, I will gladly give my extra one to you. If you scream at me about your political party then I'll eat the extra one right in front of you, roll my eyes because you're being stupid and walk away.

Stop worrying about politics and eat a McRib. Your life will be so much easier and happier.

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