As absentmindedly put down some Lays Kettle Cooked Barbeque Chips, I thought, "Wonder what the most popular chip in Texas is?"

I wasn't so foolish as to expect that the niche brand I was slammin' down was the most popular, but my guesses were way off.  My top guess was Fritos. You'd think with all the Frito Pies that Fritos would chart as number one.

My next guess was, "It has to be some type of corn chip that we can use to scoop up that delicious queso". Again I was wrong. My last guess was going to be a guess at some kind of Barbeque chip (other than the one I was eating). That was bad guess number three.

So the winner of "The Most Popular Snack Chip In Texas" isn't a snack chip at all. The winner is... Cheetos.  And this is where our story takes a turn.

Srceenshot-CNN/Via KOAT-TV
Srceenshot-CNN/Via KOAT-TV

The wife and I discovered Crunchy Cheetos a few months back and it's the ONLY snack food we consistently keep in the house (those barbeque chips earlier were a one shot deal). I always hated regular Cheetos (the ones that are a lot like cheese puffs), but the bags labeled Crunchy Cheetos are a whole new ball game.

The Cheetos win was reported by the website Mental Floss. I'm sure there are some varying results out there, but if the answer "Cheetos" includes "Crunchy Cheetos" then I'm not going to argue with it all


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