Yesterday I got to enjoy the weather on a sunny afternoon in downtown Longview. I checked out the Gregg County Museum, the new restaurant Bon Temps Sports Bar & Grill, and a few historical landmarks.

But I'm a weirdo and I ask weird questions (you'll get used to it, hopefully). What did this sign say on the side of the Chase building at 200 North Freedonia Street? Oh, and it's the tallest building in the city!?

Jason Eisenberg | TSM

This marker explains that the Chase Building (formerly First National Bank) was the site of the last raid by the Dalton Gang, led by Bill, before they were eventually captured in Oklahoma.

Jason Eisenberg | TSM
Jason Eisenberg | TSM

It reads:

May 23, 1894 - A bloody day in early Longview. Bill Dalton, leader of armed gang presented a note for money at First National Bank. A gunfight erupted when Sheriff Jack Howard, City Marshal Mat Muckleroy and citizens resisted. Three Local men - J.W. McQueen, Geo Buckingham, Charles Learn - and one outlaw died of gunshot wounds. Bank President J.R. Clemmons and cashier Tom Clemmons were held hostage for a short time as outlaws made getaway into Oklahoma. Forged $20 bank notes led to capture of survivors. 



Officially, the last raid by the Dalton Gang was in 1892 where two of the three Dalton brothers were allegedly killed during a bank robbery attempt in Coffeyville, Kansas. But the last Dalton brother continued his outlaw ways until he was shot and killed on June 8, 1894.

This building is considered the tallest building in Longview, according to word of mouth and Standing at 10 floors (above ground), it's approximate height is 122.75 feet.

In second place is the Glover-Crim Building where news station KLTV calls home. It stands at 82 feet and was constructed in 1933.

This is a pretty cool piece of local trivia and with Dalton Days coming up in April, you can impress with your knowledge.