I spent my Sunday afternoon hanging out with my friends Uncle Jack and Big Ross, who owns Smoke Sumn BBQ in Tyler. Ross was grilling for a church event and like all men do, no matter the skill level, we felt the need to spend the day watching Ross smoking all of these delicious meats including chicken, brisket and ribs. I felt inspired so I decided to make a TikTok video about it. Like to see it, here it go:

Looks GOOD don't it! Well once I posted my video (and while were were waiting for a plate) I fell off into "TikTok Land" and found lots of videos about Texas BBQ from lots of users. Some folks just wanted to showcase some of their favorite places to go grab some BBQ while others showcased recipes. With "Red Dirt Fest" approaching, let's dive into some Texas BBQ TikToks and who knows, you might be able to try some of these yourself.

Most Of The Videos I Came Across When Looking For "Texas BBQ" Deals With ONE TYPE OF BBQ: BRISKET

Kansas City has "ribs" as its calling card, the Carolinas brag about "sauce" but in Texas, brisket is our signature. All over TikTok, you'll find videos of pit masters pulling out their briskets and slicing them up, but you might want to check their pages before you go looking for them in-state. Remarkably, there's tons of videos from restaurants outside of Texas that are getting in on the brisket game and riding the #TexasBBQ hashtag.

Terry Black's BBQ Is Very Popular On TikTok For Their MONSTER Ribs

Terry Black's BBQ has locations in Austin and Dallas and they have folks on the platform going crazy over these HUGE beef ribs. They really do look like "Brontosaurus" ribs or something you'll see on "The Flintstones". I'll be pulling up there soon just to get some of that action. Let's take a look at some more fun videos and stop when you hear your stomach growling.

Enjoy This "Gangsta" Video of Sauce In Slow Motion From Hard Eight BBQ

Check Out A Spot In Waco Featured On TV

Have You Heard Of "The Trinity"? You Can Get This In Brenham, TX.


How About A WHOLE HOG on the Grill??


These Sandwiches And Other Items From This San Antonio Shop Look AMAZING!

Let's Go Inside The Pit Room At Salt Lick BBQ Near Austin

Back To Brisket For A Second: Watch A "Competition Brisket" Get Trimmed And Ready

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East Texas is full of fantastic restaurants that are owned by some extremely talented chefs, pitmasters and bakers. For years you, the Food Network, have been creating shows featuring local hot spots and we feel it's about time for some of our favorite hot spots to be featured on one of your many shows.

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