This sounds absolutely incredible, especially if you are a bacon lover and have no regard for fat intake.  It is Chicken Fried Bacon and can be found only two hours away from Victoria on 77 North.  The name of the Restaurant is Sodolak's Country Inn and is located at 234 CR 265 in Somerville. Have you ever eaten there?

According to KLAQ.COM, Frying the chicken fried bacon is made exactly the way it sounds- and the same way you would make a regular chicken fried steak; coat long strips of bacon in breading and fry until they're golden perfection. Who cares about calories? One nutritionist is not a fan of this plate. Jayne Hurley, who is a nutritionist had this to say about this plate. "I've never heard of anything worse. They've taken fat, they've double-coated it in fat, they've fried it in more fat, & then served it with a side order of fat." She is technically not wrong it all, however, some of us like these kinds of foods. LOL



A recent study of most obese cities was just released by and has a deep South Texas town at the top of the list. Not to mention a few within driving distance of the Victoria area on the top 50. In short, there were three key points to the study:  1) Obesity & Overweight, 2) Health Consequences, and 3) Food & Fitness. You can read all the criteria by clicking here.

McAllen/Edinburg/Mission top the list as the #1 obese town in the US! 

San Antonio-New Braunfels come in at #25 on the list, while Sugar Land comes in at #46, respectively.

My personal reasoning for this is probably the amount awesome Mexcian restaurants that are readily available in South Texas. I mean, San Antonio has been coined in a couple of different studies as the 'Best Mexican Food'.' While they have great Mexican food in SA, there is much better Mexican food in many small South Texas towns.

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