East Texas is full of beautiful homes. If you head south of Toll 49, you'll find a quite gated community with a neoclassical style home where several rooms take inspiration from a popular Hollywood movie. Take our virtual tour.

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Located at 211 Saddle Creek Dr., this six bedroom, seven bathroom, 11,322 square foot home sits on almost three acres in the Saddlebrook Estates gated community. In addition to the many bedrooms, you'll find a theater, game room, gym, library, tennis court and a sweet looking swimming pool with arcing fountains.

One thing you will notice about this home is how it could easily be the home for someone in a major Hollywood film. A lot of the rooms, in fact, take inspiration from the movie Something's Gotta Give starring Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton.

As someone who spends a couple of hours everyday doing some kind of work from home, the many areas designed just for this would be perfect to set up my laptop and to work. You will certainly stay active on this property. There is room to facilitate your own gym or go outside for some basketball or tennis. Then when it's time to relax, head to the theater to watch your favorite movie or Netflix binge. Summers would be a blast with the very large, resort style pool.

The property will run you $2.75 million which seems like a steal at that price. With everything available for you to do, you really wouldn't have to leave home. If you want some more details on this home, visit client.nexthome.imprev.net. Also thank you to candysdirt.com.

Tyler Neo-Classical Home

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