Here in East Texas, we have some pretty spectacular pieces of land. Homes can sit high on a hill, or back up to eye-catching water views - we're pretty lucky. When it comes to putting a home on the market, what comes with it can really help a potential buyer make the commitment and make a purchase. If you're in the market for a new home, I've got a great one for you to take a look at.

Right here in our own backyard sits a near-7,000 square foot masterpiece that's sure to please the entire family. However, finding this beauty will be a difficult task considering it has a secret address - as in the listing agent didn't disclose it on the home's listing. Trust me, you're not going to care about the address itself after we talk about what this compound has to offer.

Once we make it to the private gates of this home, the driveway alone seems to be the length of a football field. In the overhead view of the property, neighboring homes can be seen, but not our little hideaway. It's really remote, and once you get the home's front door, you've completely forgotten about the neighborhood outside the gates.

Outside, the home boasts 2 private ponds, a romantic bridge, and an infinity pool that will have you not wanting to go in for dinner.

Inside the home built in 1986, you'll find a sprawling property with 4 bedrooms, and 4 and a half bathrooms. The attention to detail can be seen in the light fixtures, wallpaper choices (you know, if that's your thing), and the incredible beams that showcase the living area ceilings.

Other details worth noting?

  • The kitchen is a chef's dream with a 6-burner gas stove and all-around top-end appliances.
  • The home has a home office (or library if you're feeling fancy).
  • There's a 5-car garage with an additional 3 covered parking spaces.
  • The home is zoned to Whitehouse High School (bonus!).

So what's this going to cost you? A cool $2,500,000. Considering the house has been on the market for at least 245 days, maybe the seller has room for negotiation? That's not up to me, but good luck if you score a showing with beauty! Ready to take a look? Let's go!

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