It appears human beings aren't the only inhabitants of East Texas that are being confused by the weather.

We received video from Tom Norman in Chandler, Texas this afternoon of what looks like thousands of black birds swarming around his backyard. Alfred Hitchcock's movie 'Birds' comes to mind when checking out this scene.

When I lived in Central Texas just north of Austin, these birds would swarm and travel like bats all around our studio. Every Texan has come across these birds infamously known as Grackles and they are a big threat to farmers.

According to, these black birds can be aggresive and can be found in Texas all year round. They're bullies and are known to kick other birds off of feeders for themselves,

In Austin, they are also known as 'tacoraptors' probably because they'll go after your street taco once purchased at a food truck. Send us your stories and photos of these annoying birds that don't seem to be afraid of humans.

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