Have you ever been a tourist in your hometown before?

Sometimes, it’s fun to pretend you’re a tourist and see things through their eyes. I stumbled onto this cute TikTok video of places to see in Tyler, TX and I’m inspired to go visit each of these places with a new perspective soon.

It starts with the Children’s Park located off of South Broadway. Have you visited it? It’s super cute whether you have kids or not. There are large statues of teddy bears, beautiful sitting areas and water features. It’s a beautiful place to take selfies and enjoy a peaceful relaxing experience. For those who have lost a child, the park is a place where you can pray, meditate and continue the conversation of their life and lasting memory. The park is managed through the public private partnership between the City of Tyler & The Children’s Park of Tyler, the local non-profit organization who built the park and gave it to the City of Tyler in 2004.

Next the Rose Garden is featured. Have you been? It’s so gorgeous. There are rows and rows of roses. It’s another beautiful place to take photographs and explore. In addition to the rows of roses, you’ll see large fountains and gorgeous structures. Did you know that the Rose Garden is the largest public collection of roses in the United States? The Rose Garden features more than 32,000 bushes and 600 cultivars. There’s also a museum that celebrates the garden and Rose Festival connected to it to explore and enjoy.

Finally, we see Tyler State Park. It’s such a natural beauty. Whether you’re taking a drive, a hike or kayaking at the lake you’ll be surrounded by East Texas’ natural beauty. There is so much to explore and see at the Tyler State Park. You can boat, fish, swim in the lake, hike, mountain bike, picnic, geocache, camp, bird watch and study nature. It’s awesome to see it through a tourist’s eyes, whether you visit for an afternoon or a weekend, you will find plenty to do here.

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