It's amazing that we have no reported deaths from this storm.

If you've seen any of the storm footage or photos from yesterday's tornado that tore through Canton, you saw its power. This thing was huge and as we were listening to Mark Scirto's coverage yesterday on KLTV Channel 7, he kept talking about seeing debris on the radar.

With my untrained eyes, I couldn't discern what the colors on the screen were showing him, but he knew. Coverage from The Weather Channel today showed not only the damage done in the downtown area, but the massive size of this tornado, and debris moving through the air.

Watching this storm move through Canton from our studio at the station located in Tyler was an eerie reminder of what Canton went through only two years ago. I'll never forget driving down I-20, and looking at the damaged Dodge dealership just outside of town.

Watching these videos from storm chasers today, it's a miracle that we have no reported deaths. Recently we shared why nighttime tornadoes are more deadly, and as the severe weather rolled through yesterday that was proven. I'm so thankful we have technology and dedicated meteorologists working hard to keep our communities in East Texas safe during severe weather.

Growing up, I remember Mark Scirto bringing Project Tornado into our class, and telling us that a tornado will sound like a train rolling through. I've never heard one in person, and I hope I never do - but yesterday that's exactly how one Canton resident described what he heard.

"It sounds like a train, it’s a big deal, when they tell you to get out, get out," Canton native told KLTV.

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