Eventually, your car options may not be limited to just choices about color, transmission or even GPS. If Toyota has its way, you’ll also be mulling over interactive window features.

These futuristic pieces of glass, called “Windows to the World,” will be far more than just a way to watch the miles fly by. They’ll also be a drawing tablet, learning device, and distance tracker — not to mention mind-blowingly cool.

Some of the features simulated here include the abilities to check the distance traveled, zoom in on the view and even draw pictures by finger like you would on foggy glass of the present.

So don’t be annoyed next time your child blurts out that age-old question, “Are we there yet?” Someday you’ll be able to answer, “I don’t know, honey. Ask the window.”

Watch an imagining of the windows in action below:

[via Videogum]