For most people it was an enjoyable long weekend as we just celebrated Thanksgiving with our family but for many people in Jacksonville, Texas it was a weekend they will never forget. I was scrolling through social media and landed on a group page where I saw a video that I had to watch multiple times. There was someone who accidentally drive their pickup truck into the Dairy Queen building in Jacksonville, Texas but the good news is that no one was hurt.

When I first saw the video there weren't many details that were released and no word about injuries but more comments have come in saying that luckily no one was hurt. As you would expect the dining room might take a few days to get cleaned up but there was a comment that the drive thru would be open the very next day. Obviously, no restaurant can really afford any days closed at this time so please remember to support them.

What a Traumatic Day at Work

It's easy for us to think about the driver in this situation and I wish them a very speedy recovery with as I'm sure they were feeling sore after the accident, but I'm also thinking about the Dairy Queen workers. It would be a scary day at work to have a truck come crashing into your place of business as you're just trying to do your job. Such a lucky situation that no one was hurt from this.

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You Will Probably Have to Watch This Video Multiple Times

Don't blink or you might miss the truck inside the Dairy Queen restaurant. But enough talking about it here is the video so you can see it for yourself.

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