Even though people tailgate for every sport, there’s just something about football season that puts everyone in the tailgating spirit.

When it comes to tailgating there are two necessities: cold beer and a grill. Everything else is just gravy. So, the real question is, what kind of beer and grilling meat makes for the best tailgating experience?

Of course, people are going to go with whatever they like best, but for the sake of this story, let’s talk about what would be best if you wanted to please the largest group of people.

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First of all, free beer is the best beer. So, if you complain about the beer someone gave you, you’re probably just a dick. Anyway, I digress.

The grill guys over at smokedmeatsunday.com did a little research to determine what the most popular tailgate items were in every state using Twitter data to reach their conclusions.

The researchers found that when it comes to beer for tailgating, Bud Light is the most popular here in the Lone Star State. That’s not shocking seeing as I’ve come across several statistics showing Bud Light to be the most popular beer in the state (even though my eyes tell me Miller Lite is the most popular around here).

And when it comes to the most popular tailgating food in Texas, it’s no real surprise either. Burgers were determined to be the most popular tailgate food in Texas. Not only does everybody and their mother love burgers, they’re easy to prepare, making for the perfect tailgate food.

So take that little knowledge with you next time you get ready to do some partying in the parking lot before the game.

Most Popular Tailgate Foods in Each State

Smoked meat Sunday
Smoked meat Sunday

Top Tailgate Beers in Each State

attachment-tailgating beer

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