Smart criminals are few and far between. But we don't want smart criminals. We won't criminals who think they're smart but can't stop from tripping over their own feet.

Case and point, El Paso, Texas, 33 year old Justin Troy Anderson allegedly stole an ATV and some landscaping equipment from a storage building according to

The victim of the theft worked with El Paso County Sheriff’s Office to arrange a met to buy the stolen item from Anderson. The stolen items were listed for sale on an online site.

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office worked with the owner of said items to set up a meet to buy the items. Anderson met the gentleman, sold him the items and was arrested just a couple of blocks down the road after the sale.

Anderson is being held on theft charges on a $2,500 bond.

It's good to know that our criminals stay dumb so we can point and laugh at their idiot acts.

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