After a fire broke out this morning in a Tyler home, two people will spend Christmas without a home. Nothing could turn this normally joyful holiday into such a sad and dark time. 

This morning, Wednesday December 19, a gas heater in a Tyler house started a fire that took a family's home.

Located on Lyndon Avenue, the house fire was responded to by the Tyler fire department. They were able to save a small section of the property, but not enough for it to be a livable house again.

It is unclear at this time if the heater was located too near curtains or if an infant put something into the heater to cause it to malfunction. Either way, it is a terrible tragedy to lose your home right before Christmas.

The Red Cross has been called in to assist the family in relocation and starting over. To send this family a great Christmas present, donations to the Red Cross would be a great gift. Click here to help this family get back on their feet and to aid in the spreading of Christmas cheer.  

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