The signs that guide travelers around our great state are showing increasingly witty reminders that go beyond the dull and dry. They not only serve to help people drive better, they deliver that needed human connection so often missing in today's technology.

According to KVUE, employees at TxDOT noticed this trend in other city transportation departments around the country, and decided to give it a try, and it's working! The Houston Chronicle highlighted how much social media buzz circulated after "Awww, Snap Your Seat Belt" showed up on digital messaging service boards last summer. The witty phrases got even better when the holidays rolled around:

As well as the most recent one as we celebrated the new year:

According to KVUE, these fun slogans can go on any of the 1,1000 signs statewide, as long as they don't have something important already listed.

I love this idea. It's a great way to break up a potentially long drive by merging a bit of wit with a meaningful message, and I hope TxDOT continues this trend.

Oh, and if you have suggestions, let TxDOT just might show up on the board one day!

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