TISD architectural design students are working to design a possible micro housing for the homeless according to Tyler Morning Telegraph.

The "village" will consist of ten to tweleve 100 to 150 square foot cabins that will surround a central community area.

The mini cabins will a bed along with the possibly to have a table and chair, mini fridge and can sleep one to two people. In the central home, there will be bathrooms, kitchen, shower and laundry area.

The students also have to submit with their designs reasons why their project is best, list the features, how it can use green energy and how it can comply with the American with Disabilities Act.

My Brother's Keeper executive director, Solomon Rodgers, visited the students and this to say, "I was amazed with their creativity and the attention to detail they were producing. I was excited to see the variety of students’ different designs and ideas. They seemed to have bought into the idea of providing a home for the homeless. I was personally excited to see the interest of the students in making a positive impact in the community."

The organization is looking to raise about $250,000 for the purchase of between ten to thirty acres outside the Tyler city limits but close enough to public transit for those living in this community to get to work.

If you would like to help My Brother's Keeper, go to mbkeeper.org.