Sometimes it seems all we ever hear about our youth is of the negative. That's why it is so great to pass on a story of our youth doing something great. It's even better when this kind of story comes from East Texas. This story involves students from Tyler Legacy coming to the assistance of their bus driver who was having a medical emergency behind the wheel while driving.

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This GIF says it all when talking about what these Tyler Legacy students did to help their bus driver.


A group of Tyler Legacy students were leaving the Career and Technology Center off of Earl Campbell Parkway Thursday (January 13). Once their bus turned onto Loop 323, however, their bus driver began driving slowly and drifting into the center median.

This is when students jumped into action

They were able to provide enough assistance to their bus driver to get the bus back on the roadway and parked safely on the road. Another student was able to call 911 and an off duty EMT was able to stop and offer assistance as well. Other Tyler Legacy buses were part of the caravan and were able to stop to help with moving traffic around the incident.

Video from the bus camera was posted on the Tyler Independent School District Facebook page showing the students assisting their driver.

Thank you to a group of Tyler Legacy High School - Tyler ISD students for acting quickly and assisting their bus driver experiencing a medical emergency. Our students are truly everyday heroes.

Heroes indeed. To the parents of these students, we, the public, are very proud of what they did and we know you are, too. The students will rightly be recognized for what they did at a future school board meeting.

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