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Facebook has a habit of reminding us of things that happened in the past thanks to Facebook memories. Some of these things we would like to forget about and never see again while others bring back some great memories and that's exactly what happened to me this morning.

Facebook reminded me of something that happened eleven years ago. As I was driving by the radio station on my way to the parking lot behind the building, my peripheral vision caught an image of something that seemed a bit out of place. The station vans seemed a bit lower than normal. I'm not sure why my vision caught that, but it did.

After parking in the back of the building, I walked to the front of the building to see if my eyes were playing tricks on me and as soon as I came out of the front door and turned right and looked at the station vehicles, I was stunned by what I saw! The station vehicles were sitting on their rotors!

Yes, the wheels and tires were stolen from three of the four radio station vans. After removing the set of wheels and tires, the thieves set the vans back down on their rotors. They didn't have the courtesy to put them up on blocks or anything. They didn't get the wheels off of the fourth vehicle, because it had locking lug nuts on them.

We seemed to be the only ones hit in the neighborhood. Of course, we reported it to the police and replaced the wheels and tires that day, because we had someplace to be! It was a few weeks later that the police located our three sets of wheels and tires miles away in Sulphur Springs! Weird I know, the guys stole them from Tyler and were trying to sell them in Sulphur Springs.

We have since learned a few lessons in all of this too - there are security cameras monitoring the vehicles at all times and all of our vehicles now have locking lug nuts on them so that history doesn't repeat itself (at least for us).

Thanks, Facebook for bringing up this bizarre memory. Also, let this be a teaching moment to you too, protect your valuables and your vehicle, go ahead and purchase and install a set of locking lug nuts on your car or truck.

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