Texas has long been a part of many top 10 lists of best states to retire and why wouldn't it be? The weather is (often) warm, cost of living is relatively lower than most parts of the country and there is literally something for everyone in the lone star state. A business blog known as businessadvicesource.com and multiple other sources cite Tyler as one of the best cities in Texas to retire.

In fact, a recent article ranked Tyler number seven.

The city, famously known for the Texas Rose Festival and Spring Flower Trail, is perfect for those who continue to have an active lifestyle with a city feel, though not as hectic as Houston or Austin - though Austin was ranked No. 1 on the list.

Beautiful scenery, museums, a plethora of historical landmarks and homes, parks and music virtually anywhere you decide to eat - Tyler seems to have it all. And personally, I think this goes beyond people who want to retire. Downtown Tyler is starting to bloom and all it takes is a little digging to find the next unique event or new bar that emulates the roaring 20's.

Another perk for retirement in Tyler is the massive healthcare system that is established in East Texas. City navigation isn't terrible by car or public transportation, and you can find food from all walks of life - something that's important to me because food is a universal language that brings us all together around the dinner table.

According to a study by the US Census about 14.7% of Tyler's citizens are 65 or older.


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