Whether you're a local or a visit passing through Tyler, Texas there is no doubt that we have some fantastic food options. There really is something for everyone whether you're looking for a fancy steakhouse or a casual meal in the heart of downtown. The variety of food can almost be overwhelming and it all tastes so good! When looking at the whole state of Texas these 9 Tyler restaurants could be mentioned in the list of the most famous.

There are some restaurants that made the list below because they have already made such a name for themselves it just wouldn't be right to not give them a mention. But there are others listed below that are loved by people here in Tyler but still deserve more recognition when talking about the best in the whole state of Texas.

All of These Restaurants Go Beyond a Yummy Meal

You can get a good meal at hundreds of restaurants across East Texas, but the restaurants that are listed below go above and beyond for their customers. They create an inviting atmosphere that makes you want to stay longer and come back often.

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These Are the Restaurants That You Brag to Friends About

Some of the restaurants that made this list cost more than your typical casual dining experience, but not all of them. But after visiting these restaurants you will understand why they can have higher priced menu items if they choose.

Now that I am almost drooling on my computer screen lets look at 9 Tyler restaurants that could be the most famous in Texas.

9 Tyler Restaurants That Could Be the Most Famous in Texas

These restaurants are as good if not better than anything you can find in the state of Texas

These Tyler Restaurants Pile On the Toppings for Yummy Nachos

If you're looking for nachos near Tyler here are some fantastic options.

Ten of the Best Restaurants with Patios in Tyler Where Dogs are Welcome!

More and more, East Texans want restaurants where they can share a meal and hang out on a cool patio with their best furry friends. Here are TEN great spots in Tyler to do just that!

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