Tyler has many options when it comes to grabbing lunch during your workday. It's up to you to decide if you just need something fast, or you have the time to have that lunch meeting in a more comfortable environment.

If you need to decide on a lunch spot today, this may be just the list to help you out! Here are the top 10 restaurants that are best for lunch according to Yelp.

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  • Melissa J./ Yelp
    Melissa J./ Yelp

    Go Fish Modern Japanese Kitchen

    "The sushi and Poke was good.  The guy rolling the sushi could tell we had never been in and started making recommendations.  He asked us some questions and recommended the Crazy Tuna roll.  It was very good.  We also had the Leather Face and Wishing Well.  I loved the wishing well rolled with cucumber- it was so light and refreshing.  My husband loved his poke bowl.  We also ordered generic rolls like the Philadelphia and Louisiana.  You order at the counter, seat yourself and the food is delivered.  We paid, sat down and the first roll was delivered in a minute.  The speed at which the sushi was made and delivered was astonishing." - Melissa J.

  • Ali T./Yelp
    Ali T./Yelp

    WhatSub Banh Mi

    "I'll preface this review by saying that we're from Southern California, so we eat a lot of Vietnamese food, banh mi included. That being said, this was the PERFECT way to end our short trip to Texas--after a couple days of BBQ, the house special banh mi and spring rolls REALLY hit the spot!
    Service was lovely from the moment we stepped in to when we left. The guy working the cashier and the other guy who brought us our food were both friendly." - Ali T.

  • Aspen Creek Grill/Yelp
    Aspen Creek Grill/Yelp

    Aspen Creek Grill

    "Great food! They're never crowded and The service is on point. Food is great. There are a lot of AMAZING steaks in town and Aspen Creek Grill ranks among the top, ESPECIALLY considering the incredible price. Definitely get more bang for your buck here. I havn't had a bad meal here yet. Ill routinely bring job applicants out here to show them a good East Texas meal and evening." - Han G.

  • Jennifer S./Yelp
    Jennifer S./Yelp

    Athena Restaurant

    "We were greeted and seated right away by friendly staff. Received our drinks quickly, ordered avgolemono soup and mozzarella sticks for appetizers. Came out piping hot and both were delicious. Our food came shortly after, I had the stuffed cabbage special which is one of my favorites that my granny use to make. I was worried that I wouldn't be satisfied because it wouldn't be the same. Boy was I wrong! It was as if my granny was in the kitchen cooking it herself. 2 largely stuffed cabbage rolls and 2 sides which I got fried squash and french fries. The squash was perfect and delicious as were the fries. Our waitress was super friendly and attentive.  She kept our drinks full and was there if we needed anything. We will definitely be back." - Mandi W.

  • J.M./Yelp

    The Grove Kitchen & Gardens

    "First impression - what a cool yes place to go.  The adult lounge area is warm and inviting with comfortable seating conducive to talking in small groups.  The outside area is refreshing with places to lounge and watch tv or play ping pong!
    We started the meal with the deviled eggs and fried quail - ask for spicy!   The eggs were delicious with a light flavor filling and topped with a small piece of bacon and jalapeño.  The quail was tender and not gamey at all.  Only wish we had more (eggs ang quail).
    On to the main dish.   I  had the wedge salad and beef soup.  The blue cheese was not overpowering as it often can be adding the right amount of flavor without being overpowering.  The soup was hearty and delicious with plenty of beef and vegetables.  Another had the burger which was juicy but not greasy.  And the potato chips-homemade and delicious.
    Finally desert.  All delicious. The best apple pie I've ever had.  The creme brûlée trio all good. And the key line.   Delicious.   You can't go wrong with any of these." - J.M.

  • Carly K./Yelp
    Carly K./Yelp

    Stanley's Famous Pit Barbecue

    "I totally understand the hype behind this place. If you ever find yourself in Tyler, you definitely have to eat here. I don't think I've ever ordered chicken at a bbq place but the guy at the counter recommended it so I did it and it certainly did not disappoint.
    Tip: if you're not sure what you want, ask if you can sample. They let me sample both the coleslaw and chicken before I ordered.
    Just overall really good barbecue, that's it." _Carly K.

  • Rodney S./Yelp
    Rodney S./Yelp

    Lola's Handcrafted Kitchen

    "Loved Lola's. Sandwiches are good quality with fresh ingredients. Fair prices. House made chips (I only tried the original, non-flavored ones) are well made. I highly recommend, and I'll go back to try some other options.
    We got TABC and Reuben, both perfect. Plenty of bacon and cheese on the TABC, which is hard to find!" - Bailey M.

  • Sandy K./Yelp
    Sandy K./Yelp

    1836 Texas Kitchen

    "Arrived in town not knowing what I wanted to eat, decided to check out 1836. Knowing it's a steak house and not really wanting something heavy I decided to try the steak quesadillas with a side salad.
    Well I didn't go wrong at all, this was possibly one of the best steak quesadillas I've had in a while. The garden side salad was just enough to fill me up. I wasn't overfilled at all.
    Sat at the bar and wanted to order a screwball, those that don't know what it is, it's a peanut butter whisky which is just plain awesome. It's more of a sipping whisky. For those that don't think peanut butter and whisky go together, please give it a try. Your mind will change quickly. Unfortunately they were out, so a nice glass of apple crown filled the bill.
    Although they were slow for a Monday it was an enjoyable experience, I'll definitely be coming back next time I'm in town." - Peter H.

  • Udara D./Yelp
    Udara D./Yelp

    FD's Grill House

    "This was a wonderful place for a nice meal.  The prices were very reasonable.  I had the 20 oz ribeye with a potato and kale salad for 23.99.  I was shocked this would have been double that back home and would not have tasted half of what this meal did.  I have to fight myself from eating here again tomorrow. This is the type of place I really enjoy coming to. The waiters at the bar were two awesome young dudes that were on their job.  I will definitely be back here again cause if the steak was great I can't wait to try the seafood." - Jonte W.

  • Roast Social Kitchen/Yelp
    Roast Social Kitchen/Yelp

    Roast Social Kitchen

    "Roast is in a simple strip center. Understated as hell but don't let the look outside fool you. Once you walk in, the place has a industrial eclectic casual style. The service was amazing. I had the hanger steak with chimichurri and slaw. Tender as hell and the chimichurri was tasty. My wife had the honey bee pizza with the hand tossed crust. It was delicious. They have a pizza oven so you know how much better that makes pizza. We also had the pork belly appetizer. Make sure you have the pickled onion with your bite because that makes all the difference. My first bite was missing the onion. That would be the only complaint! Oh well. No one is perfect. The chef missed one piece. This was the perfect cap off to an already wonderful day after visiting the local vineyard. We will return" - Beni C.

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