As of today, the family members and friends of Jason Landry have been living without him for 316 days.

It was December 13 of 2020 when he was leaving school at Texas State University to head home for the holidays. Within 45 minutes of leaving his home, he went missing. His car went off the road and he crashed near Luling, Texas.

I try to imagine what it must have been like for his family, who had surely been excitedly waiting for Jason to get home. Only then to realize he wasn't home when they'd expected him. And then as time went on, to realize their precious family member was missing.

Every parent's worst nightmare.

Since he's gone missing, we've been following the journey as authorities shared information and organized searches as they were able to do so. You can get more on where the story began here.

There are several more updates here, here, and here.

The latest update was shared in February just after the last full-scale 3-day search. Sadly, Jason was not found.

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And now, search teams recently completed their 7th search for Jason. The most recent, intense, 3-day search began on October 15. The Missing Person-Jason Landry FB page revealed that "additional drone imagery was conducted and we will continue to work and pray to find Jason."

Unfortunately, some of the areas which they'd like to investigate are still underwater. Those areas will have to be searched at a later time.

And despite the fact that so many of us have been following the journey of the search for Jason, this is the first time I'd watched a video of him. Even in his photos you can tell he was a smiling, gentle soul.

However, something about watching him rehearse a video he was working on in order to get admission into the Sound Recording Technology Program at Texas State really gives you a sense of his personality. It is both touching and heart breaking to watch.

Jason. <3 We are sending much love to the family and friends of Jason Landry as the search continues.

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