KidsView Playground in Longview has been closed due to a new act of vandalism, the third of its kind in two weeks.

"Some kind of axe or machete or some type of object, to be able to do some serious damage to a lot of the wood structures," City of Longview worker Scott Caron told KLTV, speculating on the origin of the damage.

I guess the slide was laughing at them because they couldn't climb up it.

What makes this more disheartening is the park was built by volunteers. Whoever these playground haters are have really disrespected some hard work by some great individuals.

Repairs are expected to cost a couple thousand dollars.

Longview Police have not suspects at this time. If you can provide any leads, contact them at 903-237-1199.

If these vandals are caught, part of their punishment should be to be a see saw for the kids for a week.

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