Everybody hates a thief. You work hard to buy the things you want and need only for kleptomaniacs to come along and take it. Well the Marshall/Harrison County CrimeStoppers are asking for your help in identifying a rather GOOFY individual who clearly wasn't paying attention when he decided to steal someone's lawnmower.

The Theft Occurred on June 12 At A Residence.

Dog Lawnmower

According to a Facebook video post from Marshall/Harrison County Crime Stoppers, a lawnmower was stolen from the yard of a residence on Brown St. Take a look at the video below before we dissect the irony and stupidity of what's going on here.

Let's take a moment here to point out some things.

Marshall/Harrison County Crime Stoppers
Marshall/Harrison County Crime Stoppers

For starters, props to the homeowner who must have known that goofballs like this were probably going to try to steal their stuff considering the perfect camera placement. Secondly, the irony of committing THEFT while wearing a hat that says "Only God Can Judge Me" is completely lost on this dude. Best believe "God" won't be the one "judging" if caught.

Also, check out the "giddiness" as he's pulling the lawnmower away.

Marshall/Harrison County Crime Stoppers
Marshall/Harrison County Crime Stoppers

Another part that stands out to me is the "excitement" on dudes face as he begins to make off with the lawnmower. This story kind of reminds me of one we told you about in May when a dude stole someone's lawnmower then MOWED THEIR VICTIM'S LAWN before taking off with it. At least that dude was nice enough to help out unlike this goofy person.

If you recognize the suspect in the video please contact MPD at 903-935-4575 or Crimestoppers at 903-935-9969.

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