A video shared recently on Twitter reveals a heated exchange between spectators escalate into a full-blown brawl at the Stars Game at the American Airlines Center on Tuesday, February 8 in Dallas, Texas.

On Tuesday evening, February 8, the Dallas, Texas Stars were hosting the Minnesota Wild Hockey Team at the American Airlines Center. And while it was generally a great night for Stars fans, given their 4 to 1 victory over the visiting opponent, for a few spectators, the evening took a violent turn.

A young man rocking a serious mullet began taunting a fan one row up and behind him to "step down here." One can only assume he wasn't inviting the man down to have a friendly chat about the game. And we can't know for sure whether the heated exchange was fueled by alcohol or not.

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It was when the Stars fan used a racial slur during the exchange that things really heated up and the man in the row above punched him in the face.

Things continued to devolve after the man used a racial slur and was then punched in the face. After that, the woman next to him (maybe a girlfriend or wife) steps into the fray in an attempt to defend him as he is continuing to be "manhandled" while others watched the entire debacle--one person even called him a "little boy."

Here's the video shared on Twitter in its entirety (language and racial slur warning):

And what makes the entire thing even worse for the young man? He kinda seemed to start it all. Yikes.

But, one good thing to take away from this giant mess? 

Well. The Dallas Stars won. That counts for something, right?

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