I've worked retail before and one thing you hope for everyday when you go to work is that you don't get robbed and that you have to deal with shoplifters. Some folks steal out of necessity and others steal out of greed but one thing I gotta say I don't like is when the employee tries to be a hero against all advice to the counter.

We go to Plano Texas where Twitter account @DallasTexasTV got footage of a fight between a CVS employee and an alleged shoplifter. The employee is seen in what looks to be a floral or "Hawaiian" print shirt with long hair and he's getting attempting to stop a guy in a gray t-shirt carrying a loaded backpack.

But just when it looks like the employee is throwing in the towel, the alleged thief keeps going for more tossing the man to the ground even though he could clearly make his escape if he chooses.

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