While most people don’t love to admit it, I have no problem saying that I am frugal. It just seems like we all work so hard for our money I don’t like to waste it or just see it evaporate from our bank accounts. Which is why I try so many of us try to save a few dollars when we can, like going to big box stores for cheaper prices on items. We all know that Walmart has the roll back prices but soon you might be paying for bags after you’re done shopping. 

Walmart has an initiative they have started called “Beyond the Bag” this means they are trying to eliminate single use bags. But it’s not only Walmart as Target and CVS stores are also trying to eliminate using the single use bags, but that could also be a cost saving measure for these big companies.  

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Some States are Paying 10 Cents a Bag Already 

Colorado, Vermont, Maine and New Jersey all implemented a 10-cent fee for single use bags that went into effect on January 1st.   

Walmart Trying Out “Check Out” Bag Program 

Because they know customers don’t want to waste a dime on each grocery bag, Walmart is working on a new program called GOATOTE. This would allow customers to rent a reusable bag that would be free as long as it was returned to the store within 30 days, or it would cost $2. 

Photo Courtesy of Walmart
Photo Courtesy of Walmart

If you have to pay for plastic grocery bags at Walmart will this make you go to a different grocery store? 

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