Personally, I think the FDA dropped the ball  - bigtime - on the steroid injections contaminated with meningitis. So when I read the story about them picking on the Avon lady, (my take on it) I got pretty angry.  Yep, the Avon Lady. The Food and Drug Administration is warning the company to stop advertising their ANew skin-care line like it might actually have medical effects.

Look, I know the FDA protects us from a lot of things, but that is their job! To miss something like a Meningitis outbreak, is unacceptable to me. People are suffering, and dying. So when I see them jumping all over a cosmetic company for mis-leading advertising about skin cream - really?  Below is an excerpt of the story that got me "mad as a hornet' this morning.

In a letter to Avon dated Oct. 5 and posted on the FDA website, the agency objected to antiaging claims made about Anew Clinical Advanced Wrinkle Corrector, Anew Reversalist Night Renewal Cream, Anew Reversalist Renewal Serum, Anew Clinical Thermafirm Face Lifting Cream, and Solutions Liquid Bra Toning Gel.

The FDA has a problem it seems, with Avon's claim that their product, "Anew Clinical Advanced Wrinkle Corrector" has “boost shock-absorbing proteins to help strengthen skin’s support layers” and that Anew Clinical Thermafirm Face Lifting Cream can “fortify damaged tissue with new collagen.” If Avon's claims are true, then the product actually can effect cells and tissue, making it a drug. If that is the case, then the products should go through a stricter testing and approval process.

Seriously!? Thanks  FDA for protecting us against the AVON Lady - now what about the steroids that is infected with Meningitis?