The rivalry between the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins is one of the biggest in all of sports. The Cowboys are 71-45-2 lifetime against the 'Skins, meaning the 'Boys are dominant against their NFC East rival.

The rivalry took a very entertaining twist Wednesday, July 31, as a construction worker, working on a building next to the Redskins training camp, hung a Dallas Cowboys flag for the whole team to see according to

Not only did the players freak out but so did the local media. The reporter opens his video saying that the flag hanging is more offensive than confederate statues that are around town. That's a huge overreaction.

However, to see the reaction of players is priceless. Receiver Trey Quinn (who?) said, "I pointed it out to everybody. We were ready to take it down and fight somebody." How 'bout learning to catch a ball before thinking you can throw hands with somebody?

"I would like to think that we had some really just intense fans run up there and tear it down," punter Tress Way said. Boy, the Redskins really mean business when the punter gets involved.

As a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan, this brings me much pleasure. Keep up the good troll work sir.

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