Hobbies are a great way to fill your spare time. For me, I collect retro video games and Transformers. It gives me something to, number one, smile about and, number two, a way to provide me with an entertaining stress reliver. Picking a hobby of any kind is great for anyone and all it has to be is something you enjoy. For one Knoxville, Tennessee gentleman, he loves collecting Funko Pop! vinyl figures and now has the Guinness World Record for the largest collection by an individual.

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David Mebane of Knoxville, Tennessee started collecting Funko Pop! figures right about the time the company started producing them in 2014. In that time, he has amassed 7,095 figures (and I would imagine that number is still growing). Mebane's collection includes common figures to some very rare figures that either not many were produced or only available at events like San Diego Comic Con.

126 of those figures have been signed by the actor, or someone associated with, the figure is based on.

To amass a collection of this magnitude, you would obviously need to be constantly on the hunt for them. David purchases between twenty to thirty figures a week. That would certainly help to beat the previous world record of 5,360.

Personally, I have four or five Funko Pop! figures and I consider that a lot. I'm impressed by David's collection. It's also cool to see the other collectibles and posters he has surrounding his figure collection. I may have to search online and see if he talks about the other part of his collection.

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