As a collector of video games (and those robots in disguise, Transformers), it's fun to show off my latest additions from time to time. Well, after waiting since May (thanks COVID-19), I now have my Streets of Rage 4 Collector's Edition in hand. I'll talk about it and give you a photo gallery of the collector's edition.

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Back in May of 2020, during the big lockdown, a company I use from time to time, Limited Run Games, was offering a collector's edition for one of my favorite video game franchises, Streets of Rage. For those that owned a Sega Genesis in the 90's, you most likely owned at least one of three games on the system. I had Streets of Rage 2 and my buddy had Streets of Rage so we'd trade from time to time to play each one. Streets of Rage 3 is okay but definitely not the most popular of the series.

It was big news when Streets of Rage 4 was announced for the newer consoles (PlayStation, XBox, Nintendo).

Limited Run Games, who are great at taking digital only games and making a physical version with all kinds of extras, listed a collector's edition for Streets of Rage 4. I immediately jumped on it when it became available. Well, thanks to good ole COVID-19, manufacturing of one piece of the collector's edition had to be put on hold.

After months of waiting, it finally arrived. Limited Run Games was great at keeping us updated as to the progress of the order, even giving us a Steam code so we could play the game. The collector's edition did not disappoint and was much larger than I expected. It was certainly worth the wait.

Showing Off: Streets of Rage 4 Collector's Edition

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