It can be fast and furious working at the radio station. That doesn't mean we don't have the occasional downtime. It is Tuesday after all so I had some time to scan the interwebs for stuff. One of those discoveries is a YouTube channel simply titled Mark Rober. This dude takes science experiments and levels them up to the ultimate stage. Let's take a look at some and get to know Mark Rober.

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Making Science Experiments Fun

If you head over to Mark Rober's Facebook page, you will learn that he is a former NASA and Apple engineer. I would think that means he's pretty smart. His Facebook page doesn't contain much more than that. It's where he shares the link to his YouTube channel that you get the full entertainment experience.

Mark has videos that show off glitter bomb traps, a robot that can kick a football 100 yards, a trampoline built for cars and a ton of other out there experiments. These are certainly not ones that you would want to build and introduce at your high school science fair.

A Trampoline Strong Enough for a Car

Let's take a look at making a trampoline that could bounce a car. Yes, a car. In his video, he shows off how he came up with the idea of using kevlar, the same stuff bullet proof vests are made of, and garage door springs to make the trampoline. Next comes the testing to see if it works. They start out with a watermelon, then twenty watermelons, then stone balls, then move up to a car.

A Wide Variety of Science Experiments

Not only did the trampoline survive the car's fall but it bounced it really well. There are a bunch of other great experiments that he tries out. Check out his YouTube channel for all of them or take a took at some below.

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