There is something so fun and exciting about visiting a waterpark, no matter how old you are. The rush of sliding down slides with water splashing in your face causes a minor adrenaline rush that keeps thrill seekers coming back for more. And we all know that there are large waterparks in the bigger cities around the state of Texas but there are a couple of the best waterparks just down the road from us in Tyler, Texas.  

Visiting a waterpark in Texas is almost a necessity, especially in the scorching summer months. They are a wonderful way to cool down and get out of the house, for parents they are especially nice as they take the energy out of kids when they are out of school. Visiting a waterpark can almost feel like a mini vacation because they offer so many attractions, food and beverage options, and are always a perfect way to create fun memories. 

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Fantastic Waterpark Options Near Tyler, Texas 

Roaming the USA, created a list of the 17 best waterparks in Texas which is awesome, but Texas is a huge state and no one wants to drive 6+ hours to splash around. Which is why I wanted to highlight the 2 that were mentioned on their list that would be easy for East Texans to visit. 

What Waterpark Do You Think is Best in the State of Texas? 

Most states don’t have 17 waterparks to choose from, we truly are lucky to live here in Texas. So, which waterpark is your favorite? 

Let’s look at the best waterparks, highlighting the 2 closest waterparks to Tyler, TX first:

Best Waterparks Around Texas, 2 in East Texas

There are 2 great waterparks in East Texas and let's look at some of the other amazing ones across the state of Texas.

America's Largest Indoor Waterpark is Not Far From Tyler, TX

Located in Round Rock, Kalahari Resorts & Conventions is America's largest indoor waterparks - they're also authentically-African themed resorts, state-of-the-art convention centers, world-class dining, luxurious spas, diverse shopping experiences, cutting-edge arcades, and thrilling theme parks.


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