Anyone who has ever had a job knows that working with customers is not always an easy task. A lot of companies use the motto that "the customer is always right". A lot of the times that is not the case. And now there is a website where companies can post their experiences with bad customers to warn other businesses about them.

A contractor in Pennsylvania had enough of customers treating him badly and using him, so he created The website was created for angry contractors can vent about clients and warn others about being hired by them. Members of the site can search customers by name, and can remain anonymous so that the customers don't find out who they are.

The website allows users to read about prospective clients before they agree to work for them. All posts are read thoroughly and are made sure to be honest so that people aren't going on just bashing others. One contractor warned not to give your services to a certain client, because the clients stiffed him of over $20,000. The site is open to anyone who can subscribe for $15.99 a year.

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