Thanksgiving is approaching quickly, and as we head into the holiday season, it’s a great time to revisit the idea of daily gratitude.

One way to become more grateful is through journaling. Does that sound incredibly boring and old fashioned? If it does, you’re not alone. Journaling is not something that most people do consistently.

I have utilized a specific journal off and on for the past four years that has made a huge difference in my attitude and outlook. It’s called the Five Minute Journal.

It’s simple, and it really only takes about five minutes to follow the prompts that lead to an improved and more positive daily outlook. In the beginning of the journal they five reasons you’ll love the Five Minute journal.

  1. It’s the simplest, most effective thing you can do everyday to be happier.
  2. It’s built on proven principles of positive psychology.
  3. It’s a journal for people who don’t write journals.
  4. You’ll have a snapshot of your days, weeks, months and years.
  5. Have a problem sticking to a commitment? It’s okay.

These five thoughts and the principles behind why this works so well are also outlined in the start of the journal ahead of the daily prompts. There is a morning routine and a night routine that each take about five minutes to complete.

There are weekly challenges, and a commitment to make to yourself. Curious to know more about the journal?

Here’s what your Morning Routine looks like:

  • First, write what you’re grateful for, and list three things.
  • Next, write down three things that would make today great.
  • Finally, write down three affirmations. Begin your sentence with, “I am…”

That concludes your morning gratitude practice.

Throughout the day remember the things you are grateful for, and just before bedtime you’ll revisit the gratitude practice.

At night, you’ll revisit your journal.

  • You’ll write down three amazing things that happened that day.
  • Next, write down how you could have made today even better.

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