So today I was taking a brief walk during my lunch break (ok, I was walking to the closest Pokestop to replenish my supply) and I noticed the above sticker on a storm drain by the station.

It is pretty self explanatory but I had never seen these before and wondered what exactly they are and why are they on City of Tyler storm drains?

I called the City of Tyler and spoke with a representative to give me a run down of what these stickers are for.

The stickers were put together as a part of the government's Clean Water Act. Their message is to not dump anything in these drains. They are to catch rainwater only and return it to a nearby creek. So, no dumping oil or paint or even your grass clippings. Yes, as you are finishing up your yard work, do not use your leaf blower to push your clippings into the drains.

We know what oil or paint can do to a natural water way, but grass clippings? What's the harm?

Well, for one, there is a possibility that those clippings could build up and clog the drain, causing flooding issues. But those clippings do decompose over time and could cause a contamination because of the decomposition.

You say "water way", do the drains not go into the city's water system? They do not. Those drains empty, unfiltered, into the nearest creek. Just as an example, some drains empty into Blackfoot Creek or Indian Creek, which empties into Lake Palestine where some drinking water is taking from.

In other words, don't use the drains to dump your unwanted liquids, or anything, in. Think of the minnows swimming around. Don't hurt the minnows.

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