I've been in the radio biz since the year 2000. Yeah, a long time. Over that time, I've obviously had some celebrity encounters thanks to various radio events or other endeavors.

I mostly have photos of all of them. Some I've lost over time (thanks MySpace) but I can remember all of them.

The question I get asked the most is "who was nice or not nice?"

For the most part, they've all been great. Garth Brooks was by far the best. I think he has an eidetic memory. I met him when he was releasing his album "Scarecrow" in Nashville. When I got to introduce myself and told him I was from Tyler, he didn't have a moments delay and asked "Ya'll have that Oil Palace, don't you?" When was it, 1988 I think when he played here? To be all over the world on the biggest stages and remember the Oil Palace, I was floored. I got to talk with him for about five minutes, he signed four or five pictures and he was great.

My least favorite was Linkin Park. I'm a rock music fan, too. I was excited to get to meet them. Chester Bennington (R.I.P.) and the lead guitarist didn't come out. The other three were just rude and unwelcoming. They signed my poster and that was it.

Taylor Swift was an absolute doll. She had to hug everyone at her meet and greet and was super sweet. As was her mom. I've heard from others that she is still the same way which is really cool to hear being the huge star she is now.

All in all, my celebrity encounters have been positive. Take a look at the gallery below of my photographed encounters. By the way, you can tell the progression of photo technology through these photos.


Brush With Greatness

Have you had a celebrity encounter? Was it a good or bad experience? Tell us in the comments below.

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