When I was younger, just the idea of needles FREAKED me out. Perhaps it was leftover fear from childhood doctor visits, but I just couldn't handle it. Thankfully, as I've gotten older that phobia has abated. Recently I was reading an article about a tragedy that left several in critical condition and in need of blood. One of the life-savers, literally, in this situation was that they were able to give much needed blooded to the victims.

Sadly though, I've read just as many articles where that wasn't the case. The blood supply at the region's centers was dangerously low. The sad truth is, if it's not something we're directly facing due to our own need or the need of a loved one, giving blood isn't usually something that crosses our minds on a regular basis.

Obviously, in the course of our busy lives there are a million other things we'd rather do and a million more that we must do. Stopping to give blood can seem like an afterthought. I understand. In fact, today I'm feeling convicted because it's been way too long since I've popped by a center to give--so this is a reminder for us all.

There are so many reasons to give. Carter Blood Care shares fourteen of those reasons on their website. Please consider giving blood this week. Who knows, the life you save could be someone very dear to you. Maybe I'll see you after for juice and cookies? <3

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