Reader's Digest recently released their list of the most haunted bodies of water. The list had the usual suspects like Loch Ness in Scotland or Devil's Pool in Australia. But a lake in the Dallas area made the list, too. Reading the story clues you in to why it made the list.

The actually timeline of what happened is a little sketchy but it is believed that a woman accidentally drowned in the lake in the 1940's according to

It is reported that a couple picked up a woman who was soaking wet on the side of the road. They offered her a ride. When they got to the address she gave them, the woman disappeared with only a wet spot on the seat left behind.

The man knocked on the door of the house and a gentleman told him his daughter drowned a couple years earlier in the lake.

Other versions of the story state that the woman will knock on doors around the lake or that she committed suicide.

Some believe it is just an urban legend, though, with no evidence of anyone drowning in the lake in the 1940's.

But it hasn't stopped people from gathering at the lake for séances according to another story from

With summer pretty much here, it could make for an interesting weekend trip to check out the lake.

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