I've loved the police lip sync battle challenges that seemed to dominate my news feed over the summer, however, they are starting to wear on me and frankly, in the social media world, they are old news.

So I was pleasantly surprised to see this video from the Whithouse ISD transportation pop up in my feed. Not only is from one of our local East Texas schools, it is hilarious! A win, win in my department.

You see, I have a soft spot for bus drivers and what they go through to make sure our kids get to their destinations safely. My mom was a bus driver with Pine Tree ISD for many years, and I could tell she stressed about the safety of her kids, even though she had them pretty well behaved during the ride. Normally, you would imagine a bus filled with tiny humans wound up and loud, excited for the school day. Not with my mom...I still remember when I rode with her one day and we stopped at a set of train tracks. Those kids promptly quieted so mom could listen for a train. It was eerie and awesome at the same time.

Mom was strict, but she was also smart. She gave up driving after running over a mailbox one day. She told me she made the decision for the children's safety. It gave me true respect for bus drivers who carry this big responsibility year after year.

So, my curiosity piqued, I contacted Whitehouse ISD for more information on how the video came about and Rickey Pearce, who works in the transportation department and was the creator, producer and editor of the video, was kind enough to send me more details.

Pearce said the inspiration came from the police lip sync battle challenges. His goal was to pull the department together for a fun project as well as start up a new challenge among school district bus drivers. He and his wife narrowed down the songs he thought fit the theme and would be a great visual to work with...do you recognize them?

When asked what he hopes people learn from this video, he stated:

A bus driver’s ultimate goal is to get children to school and back home safely. We need and appreciate the help of parents to get that done, and [to] give them a look at our human nature through humor and creativity.

It warmed my heart (and tickled my funny bone) to see how this group of men and women came together to show that even in the stressful times, a little humor can go a long way. My question is...are any other schools going to jump in? Hmmm....

Shout out to Rickey Pearce (creator, producer, editor, etc.), Steve Smith, Sondra Ramirez, Glenn McBride, Mike Gross, Jerrod Pruitt, Matt Thorson, Thomas Leedy, Marie Villalobos, Ulanda Holloway, Carla Oxford, Shelly Ray, Jake Jacobson,Kevin Whitman,  Amy Garland, Tammy Rasco, Gina Dement who all participated in the making of this video!

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