With all schools either back in session or going back soon most people across East Texas having been thinking about school. This is a great reminder for all of us to drive safe within school zones. But it's also fun to think back to our school days as they went by so quickly. When talking to friends and coworkers here there are some common things that all adults miss about going to school.

When you have to show up to school it seemed like the worst thing in the world. As far as I can remember I don't ever remember being excited about homework but looking back now that simple task doesn't seem so bad. And when you think about it school set up many great things, lots of which made our list below.

Life Was Simple When You Only Had to Attend School

When you're younger and the only task you have to do each day is go to school for some reason it feels like that task is so difficult, when in all reality it doesn't take a lot to show up and be ready to learn something new. While most of us had to deal with some negativity like bullying there were so many good things that happened throughout the school day as well.

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Going to School Also Set Up Many Fun Things After School Hours

School was much more than a place just to learn, you met so many different people. Often while you were at school you could set plans for the weekend or learn about a new club or activity that you don't normally hear about as an adult.

So, here is a list of things that adults miss the most about attending school:

Memorable Things Adults Miss Most About Going to School

Here is a list of things that adults miss most about attending school.

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