Before I get into what I think, I want you to watch the video and decide for yourself.

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As you can see there was a man in Texas that had just wrapped up his grocery shopping and instead of returning the cart (or buggy) that he used, he left it in front of his vehicle for an employee to retrieve later. Was it lazy, yeah, but nothing that isn't done by thousands of other people on a daily basis.
The video was posted on TheCartNarcs on TikTok and has captured tens of thousands of reactions and thousands of comments in just days. Everyone has their own opinion on who was in the wrong.
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The Guy Who Finished Shopping Was Being Lazy

Plain and simple, it's a very easy task to return your grocery cart after putting your items into your vehicle. Another thing he probably shouldn't have done is get out of his vehicle to confront someone. Although at the same time, I would not be happy if someone I didn't know felt like it was okay to put something on my vehicle.

The Tiktok Videographer is Instigating a Confrontation

I'm not exactly sure why the Tiktok'er feels the need to video people who don't return carts but that is up to him. But I don't know anyone who wants to randomly be on video by someone they don't know, it's just disrespectful. Then this videographer thinks it's okay to put something on the man's vehicle. Which is absolutely wrong. If it's not your vehicle or your property you should leave it alone.

It's great that the videographer took the time to return the cart after the incident was over, but I'm not so sure he truly cares about carts being returned after being used. My guess is that he was just trying to become Tiktok famous over calling someone out.

If I had to decide, I would take the side of the man who didn't return the cart. It was a mistake but at least he didn't take video of a stranger, put something on someone's vehicle, and essentially instigate an argument.

What do you think, who do you think is right after watching this video? Remember we can disagree and still be friends.

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