Your summer plans are taking shape with one of those visits possibly to the beach on South Padre Island. The thing about visiting the beach, no matter where that is, is that you will most likely run into a sea creature or two during your visit. You can interact with a select few of them. One thing you may notice during your beach visit on Padre Island, Texas is some blue and yellow flags. It'll be best to avoid these flags as biologists are using them for sea turtle research.

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Sea Turtles on South Padre

Sea turtles use the beach to come ashore and lay their eggs. Their egg laying season usually runs from April through July of each year. So it's very possible that you could see a sea turtle on the beach to lay eggs. Biologists track this movement every year and will mark areas on the beach so you don't disturb their nesting.

Yellow and Blue Flags

You will possibly see yellow and blue flags on the beach. The yellow flags mark a sea turtle's flipper impressions left as they crawl through the sand. Those tracks are clues as to where the sea turtle's egg nest is. The blue flags mark were an egg nest has been excavated. Eggs are not there anymore but biologists may need to return to the area to obtain more data.

What to Do If You See a Sea Turtle Nesting or Other Activity

It is best that you avoid the area if you see a sea turtle nesting. After the sea turtle is done laying their eggs, you can mark where the eggs were laid. If you see baby sea turtles crawling across the sand, DO NOT touch them. Let them make their way toward the water on their own. If you come across any of these situations, or you see someone messing with the flags, sea turtles and/or eggs, you can call 1-866-TURTLE-5 (1-866-887-8595) to report any of it.

Have fun this summer but remember to observe some of the sea life from a distance.

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