Well, first of all it's neither dead nor dirty. Secondly no need to make a call about it. According to Kilgore, TX Police Department, the vulture hanging from the derrick in Sesquicentennial Plaza will be there for the foreseeable future.

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I love me some Kilgore, unfortunately I haven't driven through recently, but has anyone noticed this buzzard? Well, obviously some folks are or it wouldn't require a social media post such as this.

"Citizens need not call dispatch about a dead buzzard hanging upside down from the derrick."

Kilgore PD is asking residents NOT TO CALL if they notice that "dead" vulture hanging on the derrick next to the police department and Central Fire Station -- turns out is not real. It's just a part of what has been dubbed "Operation Buzzard."

It's being used to scare away alive real buzzards. From the KPD, "We've had a colony of buzzards living with us for years. At times, they've caused issues getting into our electrical lines. So, the city has placed a dead vulture effigy on the derrick today as an attempt to deter vultures from roosting, gathering or whatever they may be doing."

So, it's just kinda like a scarecrow in a cornfield scaring away crows -- except it's a rubber buzzard in a derrick scaring away vultures. I can dig it.

And just to reaffirm, no need to call the KPD concerning it, "Citizens need not call dispatch about a dead buzzard hanging upside down from the derrick." That line makes me laugh.

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