An off-duty Kilgore, Texas Police Officer who was working security shot and killed a man after he pulled his gun.

An Officer with the Kilgore Police Department was off-duty and working a security job at the Hospitality Health ER located on McCann Road in Longview, Texas.

According to a Facebook post shared by the Kilgore Police Department, the incident took place on Sunday, November 27 just before 9 p.m. The Officer was doing a security check in the parking lot when a man confronted him.

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Kilgore Police said they're not sure what exactly caused the man in the parking lot to pull out a pistol and threaten the Kilgore Officer.

Immediately, the officer...

"began to struggle with this suspect over control of the weapon to keep the suspect from shooting him. As the struggle intensified the Officer pulled his weapon and fired in an attempt to stop the aggression, striking the suspect."

After the shooting, the Kilgore Officer summoned help from the medical team inside Hospitality Health ER in Longview, Texas in an effort to save the man's life.

The medical team would pronounce the man deceased soon after. The Kilgore Officer was not injured during the incident.

Both the Longview Police and Fire Departments arrived on the scene, where a pistol was recovered. Later the Texas Rangers arrived who would lead the investigation.

Kilgore Police shared on their Facebook page that "per policy, the Officer has been placed on Administrative Leave during this initial investigation. Due to the ongoing investigation, KPD will defer all questions and information requests to the Texas Rangers in Tyler."

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