We are well aware of the issue that wild hogs cause folks all across East Texas, especially in rural areas. They get into our yards and tear everything up or, in rare instances, try to attack someone. Yes, they can be that aggressive. It's better to just take them down to stock up on bacon. One Houston suburb is experiencing an issue of their own with wild hogs in their neighborhood.

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Most people in East Texas have had their own experience with wild hogs, myself included. Short story but many years ago coming to work from Lindale, I saw a hog running up an embankment to my left. As I turn my head back to the road, BAM!, I hit his buddy. My little Chevy S-10 wouldn't accelerate so I was afraid that it had done some major damage to my vehicle.

I pull over into the next driveway to get out and inspect the damage. The hog had gotten caught under my driver side front wheel and I had drug him for a few yards. He was still alive, too, so I quickly hopped back in my truck and drove away. There was some body damage to the front bumper and front grill but nothing more.

I'll never forget that early morning.

This particular story is not that dramatic but a problem nonetheless for one Houston suburb. The town is Sienna in Fort Bend County in a neighborhood that is close to the Brazos River. The HOA in that neighborhood calls it a seasonal problem. A resident there noticed some damage to their, and their neighbor's, yard one morning. After reviewing security camera footage, the resident found a family of a couple dozen wild hogs had run through their neighborhood causing the damage.

This neighborhood is obviously more on the upscale side so they got a little overdramatic about the rut and run from the family of pork but it just further proves the big problem wild hogs cause anywhere in the state of Texas.

The only way to control wild hog populations is to capture and kill 75% of them.

KHOU 11, who originally reported this story, talked with a trapper in the Sienna area saying that 75 percent of the hogs in the area need to be killed to control the large populations in the area.

Maybe those guys causing the explosions in Longview can take some of that tannerite and help with the elimination of some of those pork families.

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