Folks, the light is certainly visible now at the end of the tunnel. How much will it cost you when you get there.

Over the last couple of weeks, chances are you've seen friends and family workers who work in healthcare receive their Pfizer vaccine.

When it becomes available to you, will you have to pay anything to receive it?

I've seen the question asked many times under pictures of Healthcare friends who shared their vaccine photos, so I wanted to help answer the question where anyone curious can see.

The short answer is no, the general public will not have to come out of pocket to receive the vaccine. The vaccine itself is being paid for by our government, via the CARES Act. Mostly all insurance plans will cover the actual cost of receiving the vaccine.

Now, that will most likely change for those who do not have health insurance.

While the vaccine itself is paid for, but there is a fee to administer the shot. Like I said earlier, most insurance companies will cover that fee, but if you're uninsured, you will probably have to pay that fee.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Medical Director Dr. Jeremy Wiggington says, "The administration cost, actually getting the shot for the vaccine, should be little to no money depending on the organization that is providing the vaccination.”



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